PREVIEW: New Pulse products set for launch at IMARC 2019


Field-proven on-site in 2018-2019 and now in the final stages of commercial refinement are exciting new releases from Pulse. Pulse Mobility for mobile system interaction, Pulse Tracking for real-time asset-tracking, and Pulse Planning for operational resources planning, are just three of five new Pulse products set for official launch at IMARC 2019.

Pulse BudgetingSave the hassle of separate software for budgeting. Pulse Budgeting provides fully-integrated budgeting and forecasting capabilities to CFOs and finance teams. Instant access to actuals from anywhere in the system. Perform bottom-up budgeting and re-forecasting with no missed actuals in allocations. Forecast more reliably and more often, adding value to the role of finance.

Document ParsingPulse DocParsing (also sold separately as the industry-agnostic ‘DocRocket’) puts an end to tedious split-screen punching in AP and other areas of the business. DocRocket cleverly ‘reads’ the documents emailed to any regular email address and pre-loads the relevant text content for checking/editing. Once accepted, the pre-loaded data is entered into the system with just one click. AP representatives can save time and eliminate error yet maintain control over data accuracy.

The breakthrough needed by growing and evolving businesses, Pulse Planning empowers project managers to deliver on objectives more effectively. Plan, schedule, and budget operational (production and maintenance) activities and resources with full system integration and a modern, user-friendly interface. Pulse Planning elegantly brings together the numerous separate elements and activities that make up the entire planning and operational process. Everything is linked within the system to ensure a seamless flow of information from the beginning of the planning process to the actual performance of tasks, and the subsequent performance-data recording.

Responding to the need for people in the field and working remotely to interact efficiently with Pulse Mining ERP, Pulse Mobility expands the reach and accessibility of system data entry and visibility to practically any location or environment. Works on all common mobile devices. Already being used very successfully at a number of test sites while demand grows for the commercially-released version.

Pulse Tracking Track operational assets in real-time from anywhere with PulseTrack. In-cab interactivity for live inputs on vehicle/equipment/operator status, activities, location, and more. And like every new development from Pulse, Pulse Tracking asset-related information is instantly available throughout the system.


If you can’t wait until IMARC 2019 to take a look at how these new products can assist your organization, just get in touch with Pulse. We’ll give you a quick preview of what’s in store for the commercial release.