Instant recognition

Stop in front of the Pulse Presence unit for just a moment and if you’re registered in the system, your face will be recognized instantly – even if you’re wearing sunglasses or PPE. Confirm your identity with one touch. Check out again and it’s equally simple. For payroll and AP purposes, Pulse Presence check-in/out data can be integrated with Pulse ERP or any other system. The system is easily set to print labels for visitor badges.

Easy registration

It’s up to you how Pulse Presence handles first-time registrations for staff and contractors, and how first-time visitors will be treated. For example, you can have SMS and email alerts sent to someone inside the office who will meet them in reception, or to advise that the visitor is on their way to see them. Correspondingly, you can customize on-screen instructions for different types of registrants, for example, for new employees to go to a certain area for induction, but for visitors to wait in reception.

Ask any questions

Gather any kind of information from attendees and visitors with Pulse Presence. Easily configure the system to ask certain types of questions to certain kinds of people, and sub-questions of those questions if needed. Filter information, and export as needed.

RFID compatible

Pulse Presence is compatible with RFID (radio frequency identification) cards and can be integrated with any time card or gate system including ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) systems for more complete site attendance management.

Visibility and control

Have real-time visibility of site attendance at any time, straight from your Pulse Presence dashboard. Filter views by date and any available factor, such as reason for attendance, type of visitor, duration of visit, etc. With Pulse Presence comes the irrefutable truth of site attendance by staff, contractors, and visitors at one site or any number of sites.

Demo video

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