The single version of truth

Perfectly aligned with the integrated approach to managing ISO compliance, the fully integrated Pulse ERP mining business management and reporting system is the ideal solution for managing all kinds of compliance, site-wide or organization-wide, actively role-embedded. Easily enable the achievement of mandatory, voluntary, and aspirational goals. Meet and exceed any auditing requirements with instant access to irrefutable evidence from anywhere across the business, as managed by the Pulse system. Developed over many years in close collaboration with real-world mining companies, Pulse Compliance is rapidly configured within Pulse ERP and implemented to manage compliance in all resource sectors, including green energy. With fully integrated planning, project management, forecasting, automated workflows with predictive intelligence, and real-time analytics, use Pulse Compliance to achieve and maintain ISO certifications, ESG reporting requirements, workplace health and safety goals, and more.

Automatic data capture

Pulse experts can integrate data from any source: machine sensors, environmental sensors, SCADA, CAS, FMS, weighbridges, etc. Pulse logic makes sense of ‘big data’ where organizational compliance is concerned. Data captured automatically via integration is updated in real-time (or as scheduled), and instantly interpreted for reporting via Pulse ERP and Pulse Analytics BI dashboards. For example, getting data directly into the Pulse system from environmental sensors, where available, eliminates discrepancies in the performance of testing and recording of results. Ask Pulse to learn more about the potential for the automatic integration of data from any digitally-enabled sources.

Imported data

Bring any other relevant information into your Pulse Compliance management system, such as outputs from any other systems, or spreadsheets if created outside of Pulse, simply by automatic scheduling or importing into the system from spreadsheets whenever needed, or direct integration for API-enabled software sources. Exploring more of the Pulse system can change thinking about integrations. Many tools that were once add-ons are included with Pulse, for example, Pulse Budgeting for budgeting and forecasting using the latest data with inbuilt Microsoft Excel, and Pulse Planning and Pulse Projects to end the clunkiness of using non-mining software to manage operational resource planning and projects in mining operations, including ESG-related initiatives, for example. The Pulse ERP delivers the full power of workflow automation and predictive intelligence as a fully integrated mining business management system.

Mobile interactivity

Use the Pulse app to record and detail compliance-related events anywhere – even underground. Enter routine events with one touch. Everything is logical and super-easy for workers on the move or in-cabin. Report readings and results with photos; add details by talk-to-text (no typing). Execute jobs and tasks with compliance-related events and factors embedded in normal workflows. Complete forms and checklists wherever you are – no paperwork. Take work offline and the app will auto-sync with the system when back in range. Monitor events with locations, actions, and metrics drawn from GPS and other data. Pulse Mobility is included with the Pulse system and relevant apps are available when Pulse Compliance is used by the organization. Pulse can supply user-ready, anti-theft Samsung tablets for proven reliability in mining environments, or download the app on any tablet or phone with the assurance of 2FA security and managed user access.

Desktop data control

Compliance-related data can be entered into the Pulse system on a PC or laptop when readings or test results are conveyed to a control room by radio calls, for example, or imported. More commonly, records can be detailed by supervisors or managers in the office as more becomes known, such as when a safety or environmental incident is recorded on the Pulse app immediately – with talk-to-text notes, and images taken for managers to examine in real-time – but reasons and appropriate remedial actions for the incident are yet to be determined and detailed. After decades of experience with mining companies in all situations, you can trust the Pulse system for its workflow intelligence and ease of use for people doing jobs in the real world. Changes to records can only be made by authorized people and all entries/edits are tracked for auditing.

Compliance reporting

The Pulse system comes loaded with every style of report ever needed by companies over many years of mining coal, gold, copper, nickel, iron ore, and other resources. Even so, there are many different styles of compliance reporting from financial, operational, and other perspectives. If Pulse Compliance doesn’t offer your required format already, Pulse will configure it for you during your implementation. This is how the Pulse system continually improves and expands its capabilities for all users, by Pulse responding directly to real-world mining needs as they arise. You can also write your own reports, and customize existing reports by filtering to review, analyze, and account for every aspect of organizational compliance in summary or granular detail, easily achieving organizational goals as made possible by Pulse. And that’s just the general way of doing things when Pulse Analytics is included for next-level power and immediacy in production-related reporting. Within a fully integrated mining management system, Pulse Compliance can blend ERP data with compliance data to report associated costings and add values to other metrics.

Compliance analytics

More than 10 years ago, Pulse Analytics became the world’s first agnostic real-time mine management reporting system. Today, with Pulse-enhanced Microsoft PowerBI to present Pulse-integrated data, Pulse Analytics is even faster and easier to use. Pulse Compliance can come with dashboards configured during implementation, and the Pulse Analytics Data Warehouse allows users to build their own BI dashboards from visual data stacks with logical assistance from Pulse Analytics rules. Selected visualizations can be displayed on large screens in common areas to improve performance in safety, environmental management, and other areas. Supervisors and managers instantly spot trends and anomalies for rapid troubleshooting and quick wins. Determine root causes and much more by drilling down from visualizations into transactional details. Users can save and share favorite reports and set reports to email automatically (eg: for meetings). Site managers may have access to their dashboards, while country managers see their sites and global sees all sites. Allow auditors to access selected real-time Pulse Analytics dashboards to interrogate compliance source records – no questions asked.

Integrated forecasting

The Pulse system comes with Pulse Budgeting for fully integrated budgeting and forecasting using the latest actuals from the system. For Pulse ERP users, this means being able to delegate financial budgeting to the right people in different departments for drafting, review, and approval before going live and rolling into master budgets. In ESG management, for example, import any regulatory information or benchmarking to inform budgeting, forecasting, and what-if analysis. Use Microsoft Excel from within the Pulse system as your favorite tool for working with numbers, saving and sharing drafts, and going live when ready. Auto-calculations from planned and captured metrics provide the predictive intelligence to forecast outputs and values based on logical assumptions. Mining is a dynamic environment and you’ll love being able to forecast and re-forecast results from remediation projects and other initiatives in almost no time.

Integrated planning

Plan operational resources for compliance-related activities down to inter/intra-shift levels with fully integrated Pulse Planning. Authorized users can work on unlimited plans, push final plans into the live system, and manifest jobs for people or teams to receive on mobile devices with all associated checklists and references. Plan routine checks, remediation projects, and organizational initiatives as near or far into the future as you can imagine. With visualized Gantt-style drag-and-drop functionality, view plans at a high level with easy-to-read indicators and click to expand or edit details. The system works for you with native logic to help manage the availability of human resources, skills, equipment, etc. You’ll see under/over-allocations, or where additional resources may be needed to achieve targets within the timeframe. Using the Pulse ERP system allows predictive intelligence and neural networking between related departments, as managed by Pulse Maintenance, Production, Workforce, Supply, and Financials. Using other systems is possible with Pulse devising 2-way dataflows between systems.

Integrated projects

Plan, budget, execute, and review any number of compliance-related projects and organizational initiatives with fully integrated Pulse Projects inside Pulse ERP. Throughout various stages such as decommissioning, remediation, exploration, planning, design, construction, commissioning, rolling operations, expansion, extension, divestment, restructuring, refit, and acquisitions, the works to be done by people and assets can be managed and tracked inside the Pulse system under project cost centers. Between Pulse Planning, Pulse Projects, and Pulse Budgeting, with full system integration, the entire spectrum of organizational improvement planning and project management is taken care of easily. Pulse Financials is configurable for project-based financial management and accounting, so there’s no need for additional project accounting software or spreadsheets.

Digital checklists

Pulse Digital Checklists end paperwork, eliminate error-prone data entry, liberate staff from filing/scanning, guard against non-compliance, protect from liability, ensure work is done properly, and satisfy evidentiary needs for safety, responsibility, quality, etc. For compliance management, Digital Checklists, captured in real-time, provide the irrefutable evidence needed for ISO, ESG, and safety audits – no risk of frontline greenwashing. Easily embed compliance-related tasks and safe work methodologies into existing operational workflows. Create your own forms and checklists for people to complete on mobile devices – it’s like being able to build your own mini-apps for compliance, fully integrated within your Pulse system! To get started quickly, Pulse can convert all your existing paper-based forms into Digital Checklists during implementation, and then train your people to easily make their own. Forms are smart so that a certain answer will trigger associated sub-questions to answer or actions to perform. Map to capture answers and inputs where needed inside the system. View and evaluate results using Pulse Analytics with instant drill-down to checklist details, images, etc. Stored entries are securely time-stamped and user-identified to meet and exceed any future auditing or forensic requirements.

Situational awareness

Pulse Compliance gives you instant situational awareness, as specific to your role, just by landing on your Pulse Compliance system homepage at login or return. Homepages are easily personalized to include summary charts, key metrics, tasks, approvals, due dates – whatever you like to keep handy or ready for action in areas like ISO, ESG, and safety. Managers and supervisors can get more done on the fly, with Pulse Mobility actively enabling you to review, approve/reject, and comment on all kinds of requests from any location or timezone. Workers can receive their jobs on mobile devices and complete tasks compliantly without asking questions or touching paperwork. Access the system or Pulse Analytics securely from any browser and make fully informed decisions in critical situations without delay. Mining operations are typically non-stop and your Pulse system has got your back 24/7 with active task management and the latest information.

Workflow automation

One of the many great features of the Pulse system is the automation of workflows throughout the system. Predictive intelligence and logical assumptions make people’s jobs easier in every department – while helping to eliminate human errors and ensuring compliance with procedures and standards. With Pulse, the organization does not need any extra workflow management or compliance management software. Pulse experts work with you to configure your preferred workflows during implementation, embedding compliance into optimized workflows. You’ll make your changes easily from there. With advances in AI and machine learning incorporated into Pulse system development for the future, the organizations using Pulse are positioned to take advantage of all the promises to be fulfilled by the IoT and Industry 4.0.

Full integration

While some of the world’s largest mining organizations use Pulse as their mine production recording and reporting system, the benefits of Pulse Compliance and other modules make deployment of the complete Pulse ERP system most compelling. Tight integration between Pulse Compliance and Pulse Production, for example, allows air/water testing to be scheduled and recorded in the field by frontline workers, even underground… for safety incidents and other events involving Pulse Workforce… and for the cost of compliance with regulations, remediation projects, and improvement initiatives to be recorded automatically via Pulse Financials. Analyse and manage the performance of compliance and achievement of goals by departments, sites, countries, regions, resource sectors, ventures, or globally with corporate consolidation. Freshly captured data is shared instantly across the system, updating management information in real-time.


The larger the mining site, the more challenging to know who is on-site and why 24/7. Pulse Presence is the AI-based facial recognition attendance management system developed specifically for mining – accurate even with sunglasses or PPE. Devices on floor stands or external mounts are at entry and exit points. Employees and contractors are instantly recognized. Time-stamped attendance can inform payroll or AP via export or system integration. First-time visitors register within seconds and collect sticker passes before entry. People watching reception can get alerts when visitors are waiting or on their way; overstayers are alerted. Ask different questions or give different messages to different types of attendees. Monitor and manage all site attendance on real-time dashboards with filtered reporting and secure, forensic-standard evidence.

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