The following outlines Pulse Mining Systems Terms of Use for our website and social media channels.

Before using our website or social media channels, you agree to abide by the following Terms of Use.

Pulse Mining Systems reserves the right to modify or revise our Terms of Use at any time, and you, as a user of our social media, agree to be bound by any revisions we make. You may not use Pulse Mining Systems social media if you cannot accept and abide by our Terms of Use. These Terms of Use have been created in accordance with the laws of New South Wales, Australia.

We recommend that you periodically review our Terms of Use to ensure you are familiar with our terms of services.

Additional and separate Terms and Conditions will occur when you purchase a product or services from Pulse Mining Systems.

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Our Social Media

Pulse Mining Systems social media refers to our presence and participation in an online environment. This includes our website (, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts.

  • You will be held responsible for all activities that occur under your username when logging in to our social media communities. Please note that we are not responsible for keeping your password secure.
  • Without any liability to you, we may modify, suspend or terminate our social media channels at any time.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to you at any time, without any notice and for any reason.
  • Pulse Mining Systems will respond to notices of infringement that comply with the Australian Copyright laws (Australian Government, IP Australia, 2012).

Acceptable Use of Social Media

All users are responsible for their actions pertaining to Pulse Mining Systems social media and the consequences that may arise.

  • Please use our social media in compliance with the laws, rules and regulations of New South Wales, Australia (New South Wales Government).
  • You agree to behave in accordance with our Online Content Policy (see below).
  • Violating our Terms of Use or Online Content policy may result in a warning, suspension or termination of your account, and depending on the severity of the violation, you may be subject to legal consequences.
  • Whilst we have no obligation, we reserve the right to investigate your use of our social media.
  • We will comply with any governmental request for information pertaining to your use of our social media.
  • We are in no way responsible for your actions.
  • We cannot guarantee the accuracy of content posted on our social media, nor do we endorse or represent the opinions of others.
  • Please do not rely on material that is contained within our social media channels. If you do so, then it is at your own risk.
  • We do not take responsibility nor do we have any obligation to monitor third-party content.

Intellectual property

You acknowledge that Pulse Mining Systems own all rights, titles, and interest in and to social media, including all intellectual property rights.

  • You agree not to copy, reproduce, alter or modify content from Pulse Mining Systems social media.
  • You may not use any method or device to monitor or copy content from Pulse Mining Systems.
  • We reserve the right to take action if we believe an intellectual property infringement has occurred (Australian Government, IP Australia, 2013).
  • We claim no ownership or control over any content submitted by participants of our social media.
  • Content submitted to our social media channels will be made publicly available.
  • Submitting content to our social media channels grants us a free licence to reproduce, publish and distribute the content throughout our social media channels.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to publish content at our discretion.
  • You may not reproduce copy or sell any content contained within out social media channels for commercial purposes.

Disciplinary Action

Any violation to the Terms of Use or Online Content Policy may result in disciplinary action.

  • We may at any time and for any reason remove or restrict your access to our social media channels.
  • If your account is terminated or disabled you will not be able to access any information contained therein.
  • We will retain copies of your information within our system for record keeping purposes.


Indemnification refers to the compensation to Pulse Mining Systems for any losses or damages and providing financial reimbursement for any damages that you may cause (Merriam-Webster).

  • You agree to indemnify and defend Pulse Mining Systems, including our employees and affiliates from and against any third-party claim that arises from or is in anyway related to your use of our social media.
  • You agree to cover any liability or expense that arises from claims, losses, damages, suits, judgments, litigation costs or solicitor fees. We will notify you if an instance occurs.
  • Regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, any claim relating to the use of Pulse Mining Systems social media must be filed within one (1) year. Any claims that fall outside this timeframe will result in permanent exclusion from action.

Online Content Policy

Pulse Mining Systems employ standards for maintaining safe and user-friendly content within our social media channels.  For more information please read our Terms of Use.

Pulse Mining Systems social media refers to our presence and participation in an online environment. This includes our website (, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts.

Content is not limited to text, and includes images, video and audio.

Unacceptable content

Adult Content

Adult content refers to material that contains nudity or sexual activity.

Child Safety

Pulse Mining Systems has a zero tolerance policy towards content that exploits children. If you are found to be publishing or distributing this material, your account will be terminated and we will report you to the authorities.

Hate Speech

Hate speech represents content that promotes hate, violence or discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, status, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Antisocial behaviour

Antisocial behaviour constitutes:

  • Posting shocking, threatening or graphic content
  • Bullying or harassing Pulse Mining Systems representatives or participants of our social media channels
  • Impersonating someone other than yourself
  • Engaging in illegal activities, such as recommending pirated downloads or providing links to websites with malicious software


Pulse Mining Systems will respond to any copyright infringement notices. Please refer to our Terms of Use for more information.

Please be respectful of content and acknowledge original owners when sharing.


Please do not publish your own or someone else’s personal or confidential information. Such information includes (but is not limited to) credit card details, personal addresses, phone numbers or any other information that is not publically available or without appropriate permission.


Please do not spam our social media channels. Examples of spam include:

  • Creating an account with the intention of driving traffic to your own social media
  • Posting content promoting your own website, products or services with the intention of generating revenue or personal gains
  • Excessive and unnecessary posting

Malware and viruses
Posting links to websites or content with malicious code that transmits viruses, pop-ups or the installation of software without the users consent will result in account termination.

Reporting unacceptable content

Please report any content or activity that violates our Online Content Policy or Terms of Uses to

Pulse Mining Systems will decide the appropriate course of action at our own discretion. The following actions may be taken:

  • Deletion of offending content
  • Issued with a warning
  • Suspension of user account
  • Termination of user account
  • Notification of relevant authorities.