Any sources of data

Included with Pulse ERP is Pulse Analytics and its state-of-the-art visualizations and tools. It’s your instant, easy-to-read reporting system for all types of mining businesses: effortlessly capturing, integrating, interpreting, and reporting on automatically captured data, imported data, integrated ERP data, auto-calculated data, and data entered by humans via mobile devices and PCs. Developed over 15 years in close collaboration with real-world mining companies, Pulse Analytics comes with more than 50 prebuilt dashboards configured for managing underground and/or surface operations in all resource sectors, including green energy. With fully integrated planning, project management, budgeting and forecasting, and automated workflows with predictive intelligence in your arsenal with Pulse, Pulse Analytics gives you the most accurate and complete picture of mining business performance, at any number of different sites.

Full value from data

With Pulse Analytics, decision-makers at all levels in the organization can take advantage of quick wins when spotted; and fix the root cause of issues before problems escalate. Optimize mine production with visibility across machinery performance (where integrated), start/stop and delay information, time cycles, TAM/TUM, ROM outputs, and more just by selecting and filtering between views. Optimize inventory with a clear view of slow-moving parts, critical spares, and other maintenance KPIs. For practically every department within the mining business, there is a suite of ready-made BI dashboards included with your Pulse system. Pulse Analytics is easy for anyone to use and multi-level access permissions control what reports people can access. Users can save their own preferred reports as bookmarks, share reports, and have reports periodically auto-generated and emailed to people.

DIY BI dashboards

For users of Microsoft Power BI and advanced users of Microsoft Excel, it will be easy to create your own BI dashboards. Work from visual data stacks in the Pulse Analytics Data Warehouse with Pulse logic applied to make sense of outputs without complex formulae. Save and share your custom BI dashboards, save to your preferred reports, along with any from the prebuilt range. Impress colleagues and superiors with your ability to extract more value from available data in any area of the business.

Visibility on the fly

Have you ever had to wait until you got back to the site to find out how things have been going? You’re not tied to the office chair by Pulse Analytics. Access your dashboards on any laptop from anywhere with 2FA security. Stay in touch with any aspect of business performance in near real-time; drill-down for details on transactions without asking any questions. Call in or action any critical decisions while you’re on the move.

Display anywhere

Use big TV screens to display selected Pulse Analytics dashboards to your teams, anywhere on-site. See how natural human competitive instincts can drive teams to outperform each other in production and other areas when they can compare their results at shift-end and end-of-period. Have dashboards scroll through various meaningful KPIs such as LTI (lost time injury) days, key maintenance and inventory statistics; show different views in different areas on-site or at HQ with an overview of all sites.

Automated reporting

There’s no need to rush around gathering information for your weekly or monthly reports with Pulse Analytics. Set up your desired dashboard reports to automatically print as a PDF and email to a group of others at set intervals, before recurring meetings, etc.  Timely reporting is appreciated by the recipients who can have more opportunity to review information and make comments or contributions from there.


With Pulse Analytics, you can relax about making charts and diagrams for presentation purposes. Take live dashboards directly to the big screen for discussion; interactively drill down for details. Make decisions from the latest data, anywhere in the world. Create custom dashboards just for special meetings, if you like. Take screenshots for your PowerPoint presentations. With a suite of Microsoft tools embedded within Pulse, you can also export from Pulse Analytics into Microsoft Excel and PDF format, as well as .csv.

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