Business support

Pulse supports its clients and system users directly and holistically. Staying close to mining companies – in various resource sectors and regulatory environments – allows Pulse system development to continually provide for changes needed by clients, and integrate new technologies as they become available. Once Pulse system implementation and training are completed, your Pulse account manager will invite you to regular meetings to keep up-to-date with how your business is evolving, let you know about forthcoming new features, and answer any questions. One of the additional business services available from Pulse is called “MBOS” (Mining Business Optimization Service). Often used when disarray or backlogs have developed for the mining company due to staff changes or recruitment gaps, Pulse can embed a subject-matter expert in-house with the mining company for an agreed period to optimize any specific area, eg: maintenance management.

Custom development

The Pulse mining ERP is a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) system which means that all clients are using the same system version and systems are regularly updated with the latest features and tools. What makes each system unique to the client is the configuration of options and settings – as perfectly set up during implementation and thereafter easily updated by system administrators (or Pulse, if help is needed). After more than 35 years of mining-responsive development, practically every related function, feature, and report has been built into the Pulse system and is available by selection or configuration. However, if there is something unique to your business that you’d like to have included within the system, Pulse can custom-develop to suit your needs precisely.

Implementation + training

Pulse offers world-leading ERP implementation and training services for its clients. Whereas generic ERP systems typically have a roll-out estimate of 18 months up to three years, Pulse can leave these estimates in the dust. Agile approaches, effective teamwork, worksheets, and templates combine with the options-driven Pulse system to make ERP implementation more efficient and less disruptive to daily workflows than people usually imagine. For example, Pulse was able to complete the full system implementation and training requirement for A$2.4billion rolling coal-mining operations, including the importation of 10 years’ history ex-SAP, within less than three months. Training can be conducted on-site or online by Pulse enabling key users to train others.

Form conversions

While it’s easy for supervisors and managers to create their own digital checklists with Pulse, many mining companies have numerous existing paper-based checklists needing conversion to the digital format as quickly as possible. When this situation is the case, Pulse can cost-effectively convert all your existing paper-based forms into Digital Checklists during implementation, and then train your people to easily make their own. Forms can be made so that a certain answer will trigger associated sub-questions to answer or actions to perform. View and evaluate results using Pulse Analytics with instant drill-down to checklist details, images, etc. Stored entries are securely time-stamped and user-identified to meet and exceed any future auditing or forensic requirements.

IT support + hosting

Your Pulse system can be hosted anywhere – in the cloud or on-premise. Pulse can provide secure and cost-effective UAT and live hosting environments for clients. Larger companies usually have their own IT departments to manage their IT infrastructure including hosting requirements, and facilitate updates. Smaller organizations can rely on Pulse for IT support with a designated system administrator from within your company to accept updates and inform colleagues of any new features and functions. The best approach for your organization can be scoped and quoted by Pulse in the discovery stage.


Recruitment gaps, parental leave, holiday leave – there are many reasons why the mining company might need temporary or longer-term relief in administrative roles such as Payroll and Accounts Payable. In response to this need, Pulse offers a team of highly-trained staff available to catch up on backlogs and cover resource shortfalls for clients whenever they occur. Mining companies in start-up mode can also get administrative work done by people who can ‘hit the ground running’ yet without making the usual commitment to full-time staff. Offering outsourced human resources (as a service) is just one of the many ways in which Pulse can support clients holistically.

User support

Pulse user support begins online with searchable user guides featuring step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and video tutorials where available. At the Pulse headquarters in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, there is an expert live helpdesk team available to assist users by phone and even screen-sharing via Microsoft Teams if needed. Users can easily raise support tickets and trust on response in less than 24 hours with active ticket prioritization and updates for satisfaction and reassurance.

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