The single version of truth

Pulse Financials can scale to suit every situation – from a single mine site, in startup mode – to a multi-national conglomerate with rolling operations involving different ventures across multiple sites. Developed by Pulse in close collaboration with mining companies for over 35 years, Pulse Financials is capable of handling all accounting, budgeting, costing, asset management, capital expenditure, cash management functions, and reporting involving any currencies and under any tax rules or regulatory controls, anywhere in the world. Use Pulse Financials alone to replace any existing accounting software, or combine with other Pulse modules for a fully integrated system. Data entered or automatically captured into the system from anywhere – even underground or on the fly – is immediately available throughout the system as the “single version of truth”.

Automatic data capture

The automation of data and workflows is a keynote throughout the Pulse system, with data being captured at the source and made available throughout the system. Pulse Financials is where all this data is brought together for complete financial perspectives underpinned by irrefutable audit trails. Eliminate keystrokes in Accounts Payable with Pulse DocRocket automatically scanning inbound supplier invoices, pre-entering into the system, cross-matching against documentation, and processing for payment. Timesheet data from employees and subcontractors on mobile devices is immediately available to Payroll and AP. Cost-related ESG actions recorded on mobile devices immediately flow through for reporting purposes. Everywhere in the system, wherever possible, real-time data is captured at the source or on the spot to save time and eliminate errors.

Corporate consolidation

The mining business may be straightforward or tremendously complex in ownership structure and styles of venture. Such complexity will frustrate the users of generic accounting software that often gets used in the start-up stage, along with spreadsheets, to keep track of everything. At some point, the mining company outgrows its accounting software and must go in search of the ‘right’ enterprise-class (ERP) system, starting with a financial management and accounting system that will truly satisfy its needs. Pulse Financials stands alone in its customized development as mining accounting software – it easily handles cases from direct part-ownership to the most complex multinational interlocking ownership structures with varying participation and ownership percentages. Consolidating data from various companies and joint ventures into a single entity for reporting purposes, Pulse Financials enables organizations to easily access and analyze consolidated financial data, vastly improving decision-making powers and processes.

Integrated budgeting

The Pulse system comes with Pulse Budgeting for fully integrated budgeting and forecasting using the latest actuals from the system. For Pulse ERP users, this means being able to delegate financial budgeting to the right people in different departments for drafting, review, and approval before going live and rolling into master budgets. Import any external data to inform budgeting, forecasting, and what-if analysis. Use Microsoft Excel from within the Pulse system as everyone’s favorite tool for working with numbers, saving and sharing drafts, and going live when ready. Auto-calculations from planned and captured metrics provide the predictive intelligence to forecast outputs and values based on logical assumptions. Easily adaptable to organizational policies, requirements, and procedures. Mining is dynamic and managers love being able to budget, forecast, and re-forecast anywhere in the business whenever conditions change, in almost no time.

General ledger and costing

Pulse Financials will easily handle multiple currencies simultaneously, and interpret complex tax regimes automatically. Efficiently conduct long-term planning through forecasts; precisely track activity and responsibility costs. The General Ledger and Costing areas of Pulse set the standard for a true enterprise-class, multinational accounting system. Inbuilt intercompany processing and detailed Chart of Accounts control make reporting a quick and simple process.

Accounts payable

The entire purchase-to-payment process can be intelligently automated using Pulse ERP, with any designated human approval hierarchies and/or individual spend/approval limits configured into the user settings. Vendor invoices received via email are automatically entered into Pulse Financials via the included Pulse DocRocket tool – cross-matching for validation against records with 100% accuracy. Managing accounts payable in several different currencies is natural for Pulse Financials with native configuration for Sarbanes-Oxley-compliant accounting practices. Validated accounts payable banking transactions can be made in one click or fully automated with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Accounts receivable

Pulse Financials helps to manage the all-important revenue side of the business, allowing for invoice-raising from transactions throughout Pulse ERP. With system-wide integration, this includes stock issues, labor time, materials, and marketing shipments in all their detailed complexity. Further, debtors can be tracked through your choice of reports, and items matched either individually or automatically.

Banking and finance

Automatically match and reconcile your bank statements against Pulse ERP transactions via the use of industry-standard interchange formats, with bank statements imported either automatically where available or with one click.

Capital expenditure

Capital expenditure management within Pulse Financials offers easy control of your project costs. Track your commitments and prevent excess requisitions and variations at the point of entry. Capitalize any completed works into assets on a single screen.

Asset management

Automatically create journal entries for the disposal of assets, including estimation of profit and loss; the capitalization of works in progress; depreciation adjustments including balancing charges, development, and investment allowances; revaluation and devaluation; inter-company asset loans, sales, and transfers; and asset splitting. Pulse Financials has comprehensive asset, transaction, and depreciation reporting features, including user-defined sorting and filtering. Easily create depreciation and equipment replacement forecasts based on your organizational budgeted production statistics. Keep multiple valuations for each joint venture partner at percentage ownerships, in multiple currencies with varying financial year endings. Effortlessly audit and stocktake physical assets. Tax depreciation compliant; configurable for all jurisdictions and regulations. Your choice of multiple depreciation methods. Numerous options, including the use of automated plant unit meter readings for depreciation units, such as engine hours.

Mobile interactivity

The Pulse app is used across the system to record and action events anywhere – even underground or in transit – with relevant data entered anywhere being instantly available to Pulse Financials. Have staff submit their expense claims on the Pulse app while on the fly, capturing an image of their paper receipt, for example. Approvals can be alerted and detailed without delay, even when the approver is out of the office. Staff can apply for leave using their own cellphones with 2FA security and leave data is automatically available for payroll calculations, etc. Pulse Mobility is included with the Pulse system and relevant apps are available when Pulse Financials is used by the organization.

Financial reporting

The Pulse system comes loaded with every style of financial report ever needed by companies over many years of mining numerous resource types in various jurisdictions. Even so, if Pulse Financials doesn’t offer your required reporting format already, Pulse will configure it for you during your implementation. This is how the Pulse system continually improves and expands its capabilities for all users, by Pulse responding directly to real-world mining needs as they arise. You can also write your own reports, and customize existing reports by filtering to review, analyze, and account for every aspect of your mining business in summary or granular detail, optimizing the profitability of your mining operations as made possible by Pulse. And that’s just the general way of doing things when Pulse Analytics is included for next-level power and immediacy in finance-related reporting. Within a fully integrated mining management system, Pulse Financials can blend production data to report unit costings and add values to other metrics.

Financial analytics

More than 10 years ago, Pulse Analytics became the world’s first agnostic real-time mine management reporting system. Today, with Pulse-enhanced Microsoft PowerBI to present Pulse-integrated data, Pulse Analytics is even faster and easier to use. Pulse Financials comes with prebuilt dashboards configured during implementation, and the Pulse Analytics Data Warehouse allows users to build their own BI dashboards from visual data stacks with logical assistance from Pulse Analytics rules. Supervisors and managers instantly spot trends and anomalies for rapid troubleshooting and quicker wins. Easily view AP/AR scenarios and much more by drilling down from visualizations into transactional details. Users can save and share favorite reports and set reports to email automatically (eg: for meetings). Site finance managers may have access to their dashboards, for example, while country managers see their sites and global sees all sites.

Integrated projects

Plan, budget, execute, and review any number of projects and initiatives with fully integrated Pulse Projects inside Pulse ERP. Throughout various stages such as decommissioning, remediation, exploration, planning, design, construction, commissioning, rolling operations, expansion, extension, divestment, restructuring, refit, and acquisitions, the works to be done by people and assets can be managed and tracked inside the Pulse system under project cost centers. Between Pulse Planning, Pulse Projects, and Pulse Budgeting, with full system integration, the entire spectrum of operational resource planning and project management is taken care of easily. Pulse Financials is configurable for project-based financial management and accounting, so there’s no need for extra software or spreadsheets.

Situational awareness

Pulse Financials gives you instant situational awareness, as specific to your role, just by landing on your Pulse Financials system homepage at login or return. Managers and supervisors can get more done on the fly, with Pulse Mobility actively enabling you to review, approve/reject, and comment on all kinds of requests from any location or timezone. Meantime, workers throughout the organization can receive their jobs on mobile devices and complete tasks compliantly, without asking questions or touching paperwork. Access the system or Pulse Analytics securely from any browser and make fully informed decisions in critical situations without delay. Mining operations are typically non-stop and your Pulse system has got your back 24/7 with active task management and the latest information.

Workflow automation

One of the many great features of the Pulse system is the automation of workflows throughout the system. Predictive intelligence and logical assumptions make people’s jobs easier in every department, including the finance team – while helping to eliminate human errors and ensuring compliance with procedures and standards. The organization has no need for special workflow management software with Pulse. Pulse experts work with you to configure your preferred workflows during implementation. You’ll make your own changes easily from there. With advances in AI and machine learning incorporated into Pulse system development for the future, the organizations using Pulse are positioned to take advantage of all the promises to be fulfilled by the IoT and Industry 4.0.

Full integration

While some of the world’s largest mining organizations use Pulse Production at sites as their mine production recording and reporting system, the benefits of full system integration make the deployment of the complete Pulse ERP system most compelling. Tight integration between Pulse Production and Pulse Maintenance, for example, allows delays attributable to breakdowns flowing to maintenance planners… for parts to be requisitioned from inventory or ordered online and approved for purchasing via Pulse Supply… and for payments to be raised automatically via Pulse Financials upon scan-in of goods and cross-matched purchasing validation without a keystroke. Pulse Production informs Pulse Marketing with mining and processing outputs transitioning to sales contracts, blend optimization, and delivery logistics. Analyse and manage business performance by departments, sites, countries, regions, resource sectors, ventures, or globally with corporate consolidation. Freshly captured data is shared instantly across the system, updating management information in real-time.


The larger the mining site, the more challenging to know who is on-site and why 24/7. Pulse Presence is the AI-based facial recognition attendance management system developed specifically for mining – accurate even with sunglasses or PPE. Devices on floor stands or external mounts are at entry and exit points. Employees and contractors are instantly recognized. Time-stamped attendance can inform payroll or AP via export or system integration. First-time visitors register within seconds and collect sticker passes before entry. People watching reception can get alerts when visitors are waiting or on their way; overstayers are alerted. Ask different questions or give different messages to different types of attendees. Monitor and manage all site attendance on real-time dashboards with filtered reporting and secure, forensic-standard evidence.

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