Pulse Budgeting

A powerful toolset available to users of Financials to enable budgeting and forecasting that’s fully integrated within Pulse Mining ERP for instant access to actuals


Pulse Budgeting is available as a fully-integrated system enhancement for users of the Financials module so there’s no need to juggle separate budgeting software with Pulse Mining ERP.

For finance teams using Financials, Pulse Budgeting resides wholly within the Pulse Mining ERP environment so there’s no time-wasting export/import of data between separate applications.

Full integration allows Pulse Budgeting to perform true bottom-up budgeting and re-forecasting, making it the most compelling choice for finance teams above any separate, non-integrated application.

The immediate availability of system-wide data within Pulse Budgeting ensures greater accuracy and control. By maintaining one version of the truth, common opportunities for error and omission in budgeting and forecasting are eliminated. Finance teams can forecast more reliably and more often – adding more value to the role of finance within the mining organization.

Key features and functions

  • Available with Pulse Financials
  • Fully integrated with all modules
  • Access up-to-date, system-wide data
  • Bottom-up budgeting and forecasting
  • Specifically developed for mining
  • Step towards ‘Finance Transformation’
  • Add more value to finance team roles
  • No need to juggle separate software

Integrated Costing

  • Uses valid cost codes from within the system
  • New cost codes are added automatically
  • Nothing actual can be missed when budgeting

With the integration of cost codes, and automatic updating of new cost codes, the risk of omissions in budget allocations is eliminated.

Integrated Production

  • Access production statistics from any equipment, activities, locations
  • Create corporate assumptions for cost-drivers over budgeted periods

Budgeting and forecasting for the production aspects of operations made easier, more comprehensive, and more reliable.

Integrated Asset Forecasting

  • Uses actual asset depreciation methodologies, capitalization, and units

Full integration with Pulse Mining ERP provides the solid foundation of up-to-date actuals for asset-related budgeting and forecasting.

Integrated Maintenance Budgets

  • Access the full transaction history from within the system
  • Actual scheduling, parts, labor requirements, and work order costing

There’s no window for error, omission, or miscalculation when actual costs are referenced for maintenance budgeting.

Integrated Payroll

  • Access Employee salary details with on-costs and allowance calculations
  • Create separate budgets for pay groups

The complexities of payroll budgeting are much easier to manage when actual details are drawn from the payroll system within Pulse Workforce.

Integrated Review and Reporting

  • Review base calculation elements within each cost code and budget amount
  • Encapsulated spreadsheet capabilities
  • Pivot-style reporting

Manage complex calculations and work-papers in almost no time. Enjoy detailed drill-down from reports over enterprise structure to transaction level.

Now available as an enhancement to the Pulse Financials module, the powerful toolset for mining CFOs and finance teams – no need for separate budgeting software