Excitement as Pulse brings ‘The Digital Mine Today’ to IMARC Melbourne 2018

Team Pulse at IMARC Melbourne 2018

Pulse Mining Systems at IMARC Melbourne 2018 [right to left] Ashley Bosworth, Neil Grimes, Paul Middleton, Mitchell O'Neill, Karyn Sanders, Geoff McCartney, Melanie Williamson.

With record attendance at IMARC Melbourne 2018, Pulse took centre stage with high-profile speaking appearances and one of the most popular and well-attended exhibition stands. Pulse Analytics and the Pulse Mining ERP attracted enquiries from all over the world and PulseTV captured the exciting atmosphere on video – view below.

Team Pulse at IMARC Melbourne 2018: [right to left] Ashley Bosworth, Neil Grimes, Paul Middleton, Mitchell O’Neill, Karyn Sanders, Geoff McCartney, Melanie Williamson.

Located just opposite the METS Ignited Lounge, where delegates gathered for networking and breaks, the open-plan Pulse Mining Systems was constantly filled with delegates watching videos of Pulse Analytics on the big TV screen and speaking with Pulse representatives about how ‘The Digital Mine Today’ is revolutionising the management of mining businesses.

Co-presentation on the success of 2018 Kestrel business transition

Delegates seated in the Collaboration Theatre on Day #1 of the IMARC open exhibition days were able to see and hear first-hand how the AU$2.9b Kestrel coal mine in Queensland transformed all business systems within three months using Pulse Mining ERP and Pulse Analytics.

Acknowledged as a new benchmark in best-practice for mine management system implementations worldwide, ‘mission impossible’ was made ‘mission achievable’ through agile collaboration between the Pulse team led by Ashley Bosworth, Director, Pulse Mining Systems, and the Kestrel team under Neil Grimes, Project Director Business Transition.

Those in the audience took away not just the Kestrel story and interplay between speakers but agile values and collaborative approaches that could be applied to any business or technology-related project with greatly improved results.

Following the co-presentation, a number of mining company delegates wanted to know more about transformation towards the digital mine, and the METS Ignited Lounge facilities at IMARC catered for more in-depth engagement with Pulse experts in mine management systems and analytics.

Ashley Bosworth, Director, Pulse Mining Systems, introducing a session at IMARC Melbourne 2018.

Ashley Bosworth in the spotlight at IMARC

Once the co-presentation with Neil Grimes on Day #1 generated industry buzz over the new benchmark in mine management system implementations achieved at Kestrel, eyes were on Ashley Bosworth introducing and chairing the session on Operational Excellence in the Technology Theatre on Day #2.

Sharing Pulse Analytics user testimonials in a short version of the video ‘Transforming performance at Centennial Coal’ as an introduction, the stage was set with Pulse branding for Ashley’s introductions to special guests including Mariette Bylsma, General Manager Yandicoogina Region, Rio Tinto, and Katie Valentine, Partner, Mining Sector Management Consulting Lead, KPMG.

Collaborative spirit in Pulse event representation

ProgressWearing branded shirts and matching sunnies for the Pulse exhibition team were Ashley Bosworth, Director, Pulse Mining Systems; Mitchell O’Neill, lead Analytics Developer for Pulse Analytics; Neil Grimes, Mannerim Partners, Project Director Business Transition for Kestrel; Paul Middleton, Mannerim Partners, also part of the Kestrel business transition team; Geoff McCartney and Karyn Sanders from Progress, longstanding Pulse Mining ERP technology partners; with Melanie Williamson and Adrian van Hal on event coordination and video production. Progress also made a contribution towards the cost of Pulse’s largest and most impressive conference sponsorship and exhibition effort.

The Pulse-branded blue flashing LED Wayfarer-style sunglasses (RRP $35), UV-rated and complete with lens-cleaning pouch, were the hit of IMARC Melbourne 2018. Delegates, exhibitors, and event workers were all keen to get their hands on a pair. With 1,000 ‘The Digital Mine Today’ sunglasses given away over three days, there was almost nowhere inside the Melbourne Convention Centre, if not all of Melbourne, where someone couldn’t be seen wearing them. Visitors from China, the Middle East, Africa, Indonesia, Singapore, Khazakstan, Russia, India, and South America have taken Pulse souvenirs back to work in all corners of the world.