Consultant Partners

Pulse works collaboratively with any mining business or systems consultants on the client side to achieve optimum business transitions, new system implementations, and business optimization projects. Here are some of the consultants assisting their clients with the Pulse Mining ERP suite and Pulse Analytics:

GMOS Global Mining Operations Specialists

GMOS (Global Mining Operations Specialists) can support their clients with mine planning and design; commercial management and business improvement; mobile and fixed asset management; ERP system specification, selection, implementation, and site support; warehousing, procurement, and logistics; mining human capital solutions; and management consulting. Clients include coal, copper, gold, lithium, and tantalum mining and drilling operations in Western Australia, China, Indonesia, Ghana, Mongolia, Sudan, and Zambia. GMOS also provides specialized support and assistance to Aboriginal-owned/managed mining enterprises and services in Western Australia.

Mannerim Partners

Mannerim Partners is a consulting firm helping business and project owners improve what they do and how they do it, from initial plans to financing, to management planning and operations. Mannerim Capital provides access to an extensive network of professionals, advisors, financiers, investors and customers. Australia and South East Asia. Project direction of the business transition of the A$2.9B Kestrel coal mine from Rio Tinto to Adaro and venture partners (migrating 10 years’ history from SAP into Pulse Mining ERP and Analytics – shifting towards digital transformation under rolling operations in world-record time).

Technology Partners

Motorola Solutions Partner
Intel Partner
VMware Partner
Birst Partner