Pulse becomes ‘Silver’ sponsor of IMARC MELB 29 Oct – 1 Nov 2018

Continuing a stellar year for Pulse Mining Systems with the launch of Pulse Analytics and relaunch of the Pulse Mining ERP with its new Vantage UI, the Newcastle-based company has announced its ‘Silver’ sponsorship of IMARC 2018, the International Mining and Resources Conference to be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre, 29 October to 1 November 2018.

IMARC 2018

IMARC 2018, Melbourne 29 Oct to 1 Nov

In the few years since Pulse last exhibited at IMARC, the company has focused on enhancing its well-known ERP, and quietly field-proving its ground-breaking development in the new frontier of BI dashboards (Pulse Analytics) through collaboration and in-mine testing with Centennial Coal. Now, Pulse is back for IMARC 2018 with the successful release of Pulse Analytics and the new Vantage UI for the Pulse Mining ERP launched earlier this year.

Explore ‘The Digital Mine Today’ at Pulse’s interactive IMARC exhibition stand

The Digital Mine TodayBringing the latest in mine business management technology to IMARC, the case-study video recently produced by Pulse, titled ‘Transforming Performance at Centennial Coal‘, shot on-site at Centennial’s Springvale mine, is just one of the dynamic displays to be featured on Pulse’s exhibition stand (E68, directly opposite the METS Ignited Lounge).

Pulse Analytics at Centennial Coal

See Pulse Analytics live on-site at Centennial

Visitors can also watch Pulse Analytics KPI data visualisations captured in real-time from actual mining operations – the Digital Mine concept in action – inviting exploration of this powerful new technology which already gives some mining companies the competitive edge. Pulse Analytics is agnostic (any sources of data), low-cost, and rapidly implemented.

The new Vantage UI for the Pulse Mining ERP is also on show at IMARC. Recently launched by Pulse, with inaugural roll-out to Kestrel as part of its new Pulse Mining ERP implementation, the Vantage UI is now available to all existing and new users of the Pulse mine management system. Kestrel’s post-acquisition selection of the Pulse Mining ERP combined with Pulse Analytics, following the new management team’s rigorous evaluation of options, reaffirmed Pulse as the world’s leading technology suite for mine management and reporting.

Pulse staging Collaboration Theatre co-presentation case study: “The Digital Mine Today Through Agile Collaboration”

Neil Grimes

IMARC 2018 case study co-presenter Neil Grimes, Mannerim Partners, who was the Project Director, Business Transition, for Kestrel Coal Resources

Something extra-special for IMARC 2018 is Pulse co-presenting a case study in the Collaboration Theatre titled The Digital Mine Today Through Agile Collaboration. The rapid transformation of the Kestrel coal mine from former ownership towards a state-of-the-art digital mining enterprise has largely resulted from best-practice agile collaborative techniques (AAF, AAMF) that ultimately delivered on business objectives.

In lightning-talk format, participants will get the principles of agile “co-creation” as codified by Ashley Bosworth, Director, Pulse Mining Systems, with the example of Kestrel’s successful management-system transition to digital integration and visibility as co-presented by Neil Grimes, Managing Director, Mannerim Partners, who was the Project Director, Business Transition, for Kestrel Coal Resources.

Learn how to apply agile collaborative methodologies to drive innovation and rapidly achieve operational excellence within any mining-industry organisation. For delegates now preparing to embrace the potential for AI and IIoT (the Industrial Internet-of-Things) in mining, and researching as to how this transition is more easily and efficiently achieved, it’s a “must-see”.

This mini-masterclass in collaboration will run from 3.05pm to 3.35pm on Tuesday 30 October (IMARC Exhibition Day #1), leading into the Panel Debate: “Rethinking whole of value chain optimisation vs silo operations, processes and technologies – what will it take to achieve this?”, then the Networking Reception for pass-holding delegates from 5.30pm.

Pulse introducing and chairing the IMARC session: “Operational Excellence – Operations in the Spotlight”

On Wednesday 31 October 2018 at 3.50pm, Pulse is hosting the IMARC focus session in the stream Operational Excellence with keynote titled: “Operations in the Spotlight” opened by Q&A with Mariette Bylsma, General Manager Yandicoogina Region, Rio Tinto, interviewed by Katie Valentine, Partner, Mining Sector Management Consulting Lead, KPMG. Ashley Bosworth, Director, Pulse Mining Systems, will introduce and chair the session.

Ashley Bosworth, Director, Pulse Mining Systems, introduces IMARC focus session on Operational Excellence

Using video footage of frontline workers and managers, shot inside a real-world Australian mine, Mr Bosworth will explain how the display of real-time KPI data (BI dashboards) on mobile devices, desktop browsers, and big TV screens in key locations on-site can “transform organisational culture to become more competitive through natural human dynamics and interactions, more powerfully than anything achieved by top-down demands for improved team performance.” Managers at all levels of the organisation are empowered to make timely decisions based on real-world, meaningful information as views of various aspects of business performance and/or across multiple sites (“networked BI”).

Participants in this session will take away new principles and perspectives on the achievement of operational excellence in the context of the Digital Mine. Just a futuristic idea not so long ago, the Digital Mine is business-as-usual for a growing number of mining companies and easier to achieve than many mine owners and managers might expect – as quickly as within two weeks, using Pulse Analytics, which works with any sources of data, eg: machine sensors, environment sensors, apps including all OEM apps, and software including any type of ERP.

Pulse Analytics can transform organisational culture to become more competitive through natural human dynamics and interactions, more powerfully than anything achieved by top-down demands for improved team performance.

Ashley Bosworth, Director, Pulse Mining Systems


  • Tuesday 30 October to Thursday 1 November – exhibition stand E68 – Pulse Mining Systems – directly opposite the METS Ignited Lounge
  • Tuesday 30 October – 3.05pm-3.35pm – Collaboration Arena – ‘Co-Presentation Case Study’ by Pulse with Neil Grimes (re Kestrel)
  • Wednesday 31 October – 3.50pm-5.30pm – ‘Operational Excellence’ featuring Pulse, Rio Tinto, KPMG