Pulse Mining ERP + Analytics follows acquisition of Kestrel

Kestrel coal mine QLD

Coal stacker at Kestrel coal mine, central Queensland (original image Bernard S. Jansen)

The AU$2.9 billion acquisition of the Kestrel coal mining operations in Queensland from Rio Tinto by a group of investors, as announced in the Australian Financial Review on 28 March 2018, was followed by news of the Pulse Mining ERP and Pulse Analytics being implemented as Kestrel’s new mine management and reporting system.

Kestrel coal mine QLD

Coal stacker at Kestrel coal mine, central Queensland (original image Bernard S. Jansen)

The new owners of Kestrel, located at Bowen Basin, 40 kilometres north-east of Emerald, Queensland, include EMR Capital and Adaro Energy. Corporate headquarters are in Brisbane.

The Pulse Mining Systems ERP combined with Pulse Analytics was chosen as the mine management and reporting system for Kestrel. System implementation is being fast-tracked in readiness for the most seamless transition to new ownership methodologies and more streamlined business processes.

Kestrel employs longwall mining to produce high-quality coking and thermal coal products for export markets.

According to the AFR report by journalist Timothy Moore, “In 2017 the Kestrel mine produced 5.1 million tonnes of saleable coal, comprising 4.25 million tonnes of hard coking coal and 0.84 million tonnes of thermal coal. At the end of 2017, Rio Tinto reported marketable reserves for Kestrel of 146 million tonnes and mineral resources of 241 million tonnes.”

Full suite of Pulse ERP mine management modules plus Pulse Analytics

The new Kestrel management team elected to deploy the full suite of Pulse Mining Systems modules: Financials, Human Resources, Marketing & Logistics, Operations (Maintenance & Production), and Supply & Utilities. Real-time analysis of KPIs, from sources including machine sensors and ERP data, will be visualised to assist various levels of management decision-making through the concurrent implementation of Pulse Analytics.

“The clarity and commitment with which Kestrel partners approached the transition to Pulse Mining Systems meant we could jump-start the implementation process and meet deadlines for going live,” said Ashley Bosworth, Director of Analytics and Innovation at Pulse.

Pulse selected after rigorous evaluation phase

Neil Grimes

Kestrel Coal Resources Business Transition Director, Neil Grimes

After a rigorous system evaluation phase conducted in April this year, comparing three ERP vendors, the Kestrel Coal Resources Business Transition Director Neil Grimes said, “We have a schedule for assuming ownership of the Kestrel mine on behalf of the owners.  Pulse Mining Systems gave us the confidence we need to meet the business transition timeline at a realistic total cost of delivery.  It also gave us a single integrated solution for an underground coal mine, and no other vendor can do that in our timeline”.

Neil also said: “The effort that Pulse is applying to the on-time delivery of our new ERP is a testament to the service support focus of the whole Pulse team.”

“Pulse is pleased to have Kestrel Coal Resources as a new client,” said Ash Bosworth. “Our team is very focused on delivery of this full-scale implementation at this first-class underground coal mine.”