New Pulse Vantage UI enhances Pulse Mining ERP productivity

Pulse Vantage

The new Pulse Vantage UI (user interface), specifically developed for the Pulse Mining ERP, is more intuitive and greatly enhances productivity for users. Pulse Vantage is now available following the successful launch and roll-out during the Pulse Mining ERP and Analytics implementation for the new owners of the Kestrel mine in QLD.

Pulse Vantage

Pulse Vantage is fulfilling the promise of Pulse’s strategic direction for the Pulse Mining ERP, delivering increased efficiency and improved UX (user experience).

With Pulse Vantage, users will enjoy greater convenience and more rapid interactions – the system intuitively presenting the user with the data they need to know.

Enhancements targeting high-use areas of the system for greater efficiency

Pulse Vantage development has targeted high-use areas of the system, adding role-based dashboards and more easily providing for the performance of actions based on decisions.

There are many other Pulse Vantage enhancements including OCR capability; automated data-capture in real-time; FMS, Scada, etc; mobile data-capture (smart device, including offline); mobile checklists; mobile data review; action/data pushes to users; approvals, alerts, etc.

Getting started with Pulse Vantage for more ease-of-use and extended capabilities

“The mining companies that are just coming onboard with the Pulse Mining ERP this year have been able to take advantage of latest enhancements and extensions to the system, like Pulse Vantage and Pulse Mining Analytics, right from the outset of completed implementation,” said Ashley Bosworth, Director of Analytics and Innovation at Pulse.

“Established Pulse Mining ERP users can ask their Pulse relationship manager about Pulse Vantage, or enquire through the Pulse helpdesk,” Mr Bosworth said. “We can easily set up a trial or give users a quick demonstration.”

“Our people take pride in the ability to offer a high level of customer service and support. We respond quickly and effectively to your needs and ideas, bringing all of our experience to develop new and innovative solutions to positively impact your bottom line. This is our mission.”

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