Pulse Mining Helps Mining Investors Hit the Ground Running

Pulse Mining Helps Mining Investors Hit the Ground Running

For investors a new mine acquisition is like a blank canvas with plenty of potential, but a multitude of problems.

In a time of increased asset divestment and merger & acquisition activity Pulse Mining is well situated to help smooth the transition into resource sector management for investors.

In the current volatile market of increased divestment of Australian mining assets by the major miners including Anglo American, Rio Tinto and Peabody, several new players are looking to enter the market and are bidding to acquire bargain assets. Various smaller mining ventures and investment funds are included in this group who have a long-term vision of resale or profitable and leaner operation.

For some investors without existing mining industry experience or backing the problems of realising profits quickly can present enormous problems. They are starting from a base of no practical application, no processes in place, no legacy knowledge, and no plan for what ‘day one’ should look like. The mine presents a blank canvas with heaps of potential but is also a very large resource asset with a multitude of moving parts, targets and opportunities. It can become very easy to lose sight of the efficiency measures and strategies that were the original cornerstone of the investment strategy.

Pulse Mining is in an unparalleled position to help mining industry investors through our solutions, expertise and experience. For instance, we offer mining-specific resource management solutions suitable for the full mining life-cycle from exploration to project development and operations that are geared to working with the corporate, company and entity structures common in the mining industry.

We provide a complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution encompassing development, implementation support and consultation that has the scalability to grow with your business, whilst the continual evolution of our product means that you’ll never need another ERP:

  • Our cost-effective and rapidly implemented ERP and Analytics solutions have been developed specifically for mining as a result of over 30 years’ consultation and ‘co-creation’ with leading mining companies.
  • Our Financials module is tailored to the complex needs of the mining sector while providing simplified work-flows for mining accountants.
  • Our HR (Human Resources) system encompasses a powerful award and roster interpretation function, advanced payroll processing engine offering pay generation from manual timesheet entry to a full automated payroll and everything in between.
  • The Health and Safety and Training & Development modules integrate into the payroll system and other modules across the ERP providing an advanced employment management and incident tracking solution.
  • Designed for mining and industrial operations, our Supply & Utilities moduleprovides a solution to effectively manage resources throughout the supply chain journey from start to finish, including the ability to optimise parts management.
  • The Pulse Mining Production module is a fully integrated system that allows organisations to plan, measure and manage the complete mining process.
  • Our Plant Maintenance module is suite of highly configurable operational tools which record and analyse maintenance history, enabling accurately forecasts & budgeting.
  • Our Marketing & Logistics and CoalMan modules are designed to manage and track commodities from the mine to customer. They cover complex international contract and invoice documentation requirements.

In a nutshell, Pulse Mining has the expertise, track-record and software solutions to help smooth the transition into resource sector management. We are The Pulse of Mining.