Tactical Mine Management Insights at Your Fingertips

Tactical mine management insights – Make better mine management decisions by accessing valuable business insights in a systematic, KPI-targeted approach.

The Pulse Mining Analytics Product Suite enables Mine Management to make better decisions by delivering valuable business insights in a systematic, KPI targeted approach.

These low cost, ‘out of the box’, smart visualisation products are built by industry experts who understand the needs and language of mining. Each product has a specific value focus across the mining cycle and facilitates a starting point to first identify issues and then continue on to diagnose and drive decisions that directly impact KPIs.

The mobile friendly, cloud based tools have all the self-service views you expect to drive your enterprise wide strategic, tactical and operational data mining, one manageable piece at a time.

Anaytics Product Suite includes:

  • Production Analytics*
  • Gate Road Analytics*
  • Longwall Analytics*
  • Work Order Analytics*
  • Repair & Maintenance Spend**
  • Cost Analytics**
  • Safety Analytics**
  • Inventory and Supply**
  • Earth Science Analytics**
  • People Analytics**


* Available now
** Coming soon