Rebound in mining triggers Australian METS resurgence

African Mining Services (AMS)

African Mining Services (AMS) resources in action.

Stronger performance in the mining sector is fueling a resurgence in Australian METS (mining equipment, technology, and services) investment with Pulse reporting increased growth in users of the Pulse Mining ERP and Pulse Analytics.

Whitehaven Coal

Whitehaven Coal uses the Pulse Mining ERP [image credit: Whitehaven Coal]

While 2018 was widely slated by journalists and commentators as “the year for mining”, Deloitte’s 2018 Tracking the Trends report also predicted that mining would be “poised for growth”. Halfway through the year – how is the reality playing out?

The fulfillment of positive indications is clearly evident according to Ashley Bosworth of Pulse, one of the leaders in Australia’s $90billion METS market, providing mine management systems and state-of-the-art performance visualisation tools to mine operators in Australia and offshore – a reliable bellwether for the mining industry in general.

“In the first half of 2018 we have seen a number of mining companies needing to increase the number of Pulse ERP users within their organisation, particularly in the areas of operations and production, asset management, and marketing and logistics,” Ash Bosworth said. “More users means more staff and increased equipment-related activity as companies ramp-up capacity and production output to meet new opportunities and higher levels of demand.”

The Pulse Mining ERP is the only all-encompassing business management system in the world developed exclusively for mining.

Mergers and acquisitions prompt business system reviews

Movement in the ownership of mining operations is another reason for the sudden leap of growth in membership of the Pulse Mining ERP user community. Rio Tinto’s recent A$2.9billion divestment of its Kestrel coal mine is just one example of how the local mining industry landscape continues to evolve and adapt to changing global conditions.

“New ownership and management will typically call for a review of all business systems as part of any planned transition, wanting to achieve more efficient and profitable operations going forward,” said Ash Bosworth. “The invitation to demonstrate Pulse ERP modules is the start of a compelling argument for switching to Pulse from whatever business systems the company has been using. Once we showcase Pulse Analytics and the power to transform organisational performance and profitability through real-time data visualisation, the argument is usually closed in favour of Pulse.”

Expansion of onshore and offshore mining operations

African Mining Services (AMS)

African Mining Services (AMS) equipment resources in action [image credit: AMS]

Not all users of the Pulse Mining ERP system are mining in Australia, however, most are experiencing growth regardless of resource-type and location.

African Mining Services (AMS), the Australian-owned company providing subcontract mining services to numerous gold mines and manganese mines in Africa, has added many more Pulse Mining ERP users to accommodate its growing workforce of 95% African nationals.

“What we’ve seen with companies like Centennial Coal and AMS is typical of the mood in the mining industry. Opportunities are out there or back on, and competitive organisations are rising to the moment. Lessons learned in tougher times have been invaluable. Companies are more aware of the need to run smarter – to maximise margins and foster positive organisational culture while the going is good,” Ash Bosworth said.

“Across the board, more Australian miners are getting ready to embrace data analysis and visualisation as key to making quantum improvements in performance and profitability, through optimisation of machine-related resources and the empowerment of human resources to make better and faster decisions at every level. It only takes one look at Pulse Analytics in action for people in mining to start thinking about how they want to use it.”