Pulse Mining Smooths the Way into Coal Resource Management

In a time of increased asset divestment and merger & acquisition activity, Pulse Mining helps to smooth the transition into coal resource management for new players in the market.

We are in the midst of an increasingly volatile market with continued divestment of Australian coal assets by the major miners including Anglo American, Rio Tinto and Peabody, and bidding to acquire the better and boutique assets by various smaller mining ventures and investment funds against a longer-term vision of lean and profitable operation, or eventual resale.

Several new players are looking to enter the Australian coal scene with a track record in other markets and jurisdictions (such as the USA), whilst others are seeking to acquire quality assets at the bottom of the cycle.

In either scenario, and no matter what stage of the life-cycle of the mine, there is a demonstrable need for effective management of all acquisitions including compliance with Australian statutory, standards and regulation requirements.

Even setting aside consideration of high-end and niche solutions for mapping such aspects as the geology of the site and optimising truck haul routes, there is much to consider when managing a mine-site. Management of human resources, payroll, payment of contractors, health and safety, environmental reporting, purchase of goods and services, maintaining plant and equipment, logistics, marketing and optimising production are all required on a daily basis.

Historically many of the smaller companies have relied on spreadsheets and conventional small-business focused financial management packages to manage their finances, assets, human resources and environmental reporting commitments, however there are many shortcomings with such practices, not the least of which is the requirement to enter the same data several times across mismatched and ad hoc systems that don’t communicate with each other or offer much in the way of useful reports or analytics to help drive data-based decision making.

Pulse Mining is in an unparalleled position to assist new buyers entering this space on a number of fronts:

  • Our ERP and Analytics solutions have been developed specifically for mining as a result of over 30 years’ consultation and ‘co-creation’ with leading mining companies
  • The Pulse Mining ERP and Mining Analytics Product Suite are both extremely cost-effective solutions
  • The Pulse Mining ERP is a scalable solution equally suited to single mine sites, corporate shared services between several sites, or implementation across a mining conglomerate
  • We provide extremely rapid ERP implementation of 2-4 months, compared to 16-24 months for Tier 1 ERP solutions (as reported by Panorama Consulting in Clash of the Titans 2016)
  • We already have an intimate domain knowledge of existing mine data-sets and business processes for many of the companies now selling assets
  • Our operationally-focused Mining Analytics Product Suite is geared to give maximum visibility to specific mining industry KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to allow better decision-making based on data rather than instinct.

In a nutshell, Pulse Mining has the expertise, track-record and software solutions to help smooth the transition into coal resource management. We are The Pulse of Mining.