Data Puddles – less cash, bigger splash!

Data Puddles – less cash, bigger splash!

Working at an operational and tactical level with data puddles rather than data lakes and big data can quickly lead to genuine productivity gains.

It is possible to take a targeted and cost-effective pathway to putting meaningful data visualisations and analytics into the hands of the people who need them, rather than by diving headlong into the expense and problems often associated with going down the ‘big data’ route, as it is normally understood.

Whilst some of the big players in the data space (SAP for instance) equate data puddles with silos – this is not our belief… our view is that data puddles are aggregations of clustered, qualified and targeted data that are accessed from a wide range of sources to answer specific questions of value to an organisation, or to a person in a particular role… and that finding these answers can lead to increased insight and productivity.

We believe that the way to do this is to:

  • work with carefully targeted data drawn from many sources,
  • tie the output to industry KPI’s to make it meaningful, and
  • collaborate closely with end users to ensure that whole package works.

Pulse Mining has found that by building apps that focus on specific industry KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), collect data from a range of sources, automatically apply data governance protocols and output the results as relevant visualisations it is possible to gain real-time insight into mine performance at an operational and tactical level.

This approach is cost-effective and can deliver real productivity gains on a shift-by-shift basis.