Pulse virtualized ‘client roadshows’ running 2021-2022

With conferences and on-site meetings hard to organize reliably under pandemic conditions, Pulse is launching a series of virtual (online) ‘client roadshows’, starting in September 2021, to ensure companies using Pulse Mining ERP are kept current with the latest best-practice benchmarks and system developments.

Stay there, Pulse users – the Pulse Roadshow is coming to you

Before COVID-19, Pulse, like many companies, exhibited at international mining events and interacted with clients and potential customers in ways that have been unavailable for the most part since early 2020. While the future for events remains hopeful, Pulse hits the virtual road with private showcases and open Q&A sessions held with each Pulse Mining ERP client.

Pulse Roadshow sessions are uniquely tailored to give value according to the way each company’s Pulse system is configured and how everyone from managers to frontline users is currently interacting with Pulse modules and tools.

Additionally, a phone call prior to the appointment helps establish if there are any specific questions from the company or users that Pulse could answer at this opportunity.

The goal of the Pulse Roadshow is to help companies get the most out of using their Pulse systems, and see that any modules or tools currently included with the system but not yet used can be turned ‘on’ and any training delivered if required.

“What can we learn from our own Pulse Roadshow session?”

Each session finishes with an open Q&A session when any of your people’s specific queries or concerns can be addressed by the appropriate expert from Pulse. Pulse is one of few enterprise-class software companies in the world to facilitate direct collaboration like this between day-to-day users and the developers who work on enhancements to the system they’re using.

The main part of the session is structured to give a high-level view of current best-practice of technology deployment in any relevant department from industry benchmarking, for example:

  • Pulse Financials combined with integrated Pulse Budgeting; DocRocket and other available tools for accounts data automation; Analytics for the finance department; mobile apps for different types of interaction with the finance department, etc
  • Pulse Operations (Maintenance) with LiveCheck (digital checklists and mobile apps); Pulse Planning for maintenance planning; SmartParts for automated online shopping with B2B interconnectivity, user-based approval thresholds, and hierarchical internal approvals; Maintenance Analytics and Inventory Analytics for workshop and stores optimization, etc
  • and so on, all optional according to each unique company and use-case scenario

Your session will focus on giving you more value, quickly. And it’s no time-wasting excuse for a ‘software company sell-in’ because Pulse Mining ERP modules and most associated tools are already included in current system licenses and subscriptions.

“We’re very busy, so how long will our session take?”

When the time suits, you can choose from a menu of Pulse Roadshow options:

  • LIGHTNING – 1 hour – high-level overview tour of elements relevant to your company and quick Q&A
  • CONCISE – 2 hours – high-level showcase of relevant elements with examples, tailored suggestions for cost-saving and system usage optimization, Q&A
  • CUSTOM – 3 hours or more – for companies already planning to use new Pulse tools or modules and/or wanting a more tailored exploration, perhaps involving different groups

Your invitation to attend your Pulse Roadshow online will include options to ensure the timing and length of the session is convenient for the participants inside your organization.

“Is there a deadline for our RSVP?”

Key contacts at every company now using Pulse will get an invitation anytime after September 2021, when session offers officially commence. Pulse people are busy too, so sessions are not staged consecutively but rather progressively across the year. Pulse Roadshows for clients will continue annually, at least until conferences and live presentations may resume as before.

So, there’s no deadline for your RSVP but if Pulse hasn’t heard back after sending your invitation, you’ll be called just in case you’ve missed the email – you won’t miss out.

Pulse IMARC product release video for 2020 reprised

While new videos are being produced for 2021-2022, the Pulse product release video made for 2020 (pre-Covid) gave an intergalactic rock-n-roll ride through the Pulse suite for digital transformation of the mining business, with only a few new solutions and apps released since then. Take a look as a refresher on what’s in the system that would be helpful in your business at this particular stage.