Pulse SiteSuper with AI + ANPR monitors people and vehicles on-site

The global pandemic accelerated the need for real-time monitoring of all personnel and vehicles with drivers coming and going from mining sites. With SiteSuper, Pulse went beyond COVID-19 requirements to deliver the visitor management and vehicle-movement compliance system of the future for mining today.

About SiteSuper for managing people on-site

When people are wanting to enter your site for any reason, first they check-in at the SiteSuper terminal located inside the building, for example in the reception area (on a desk stand or floor stand), or outside (undercover). Using AI-based facial recognition technology, people known to your organization are instantly recognized, even if they’re wearing sunglasses or PPE.

At the same time, SiteSuper checks the body temperature* of visitors to ensure that anyone showing signs of fever can be denied admittance pending further investigation of cause or symptoms.

If the visitor’s body temperature* is within normal range, what happens next can depend on whether or not the person is already registered in the system and the purpose of their visit to your site.

For example:


When staff members arrive and leave, they’re instantly recognized by SiteSuper and their attendance times can be integrated with your payroll system if required. Managers can see facial images taken with each check-in/check-out and all details on the SiteSuper monitoring dashboard. There’s zero chance of anyone trying to defeat the system by clocking in/out on behalf of someone else.


Contractors can be managed as easily employees when they’re registered in the SiteSuper system. Check-in/check-out is completed within seconds each time and the process is touch-free.


Any visitors to the site that are not known to SiteSuper are greeted by a simple account creation procedure. Information gathered by SiteSuper can include who the person is seeing while on-site, and automatic SMS advice can be sent to the person being visited when their visitor has arrived – completely automating the function of visitor reception. SiteSuper can print visitor labels, and labels can also show visitor access conditions including time allowed on-site to assist with security.


  • Your SiteSuper system can ask visitors and staff/contractors any questions on arrival. These questions are quickly and easily configured by managers working on-site or off-site. Different roles or groups (eg: employees, contractors, visitors) can be asked different questions.
  • Anyone visiting from certain postcodes or giving certain answers to questions can be flagged upon attempted entry with an automatic SMS sent to the relevant supervisor for appropriate handling. Customized mobile text messages can be sent to any group within the system, and reports can be extracted and distributed in almost no time. These features are ideal wherever pandemic conditions are ongoing and still evolving.
  • Any kind of visitor to the site can be flagged for manual authorization to enter – for example, new or known visitors and employees/subcontractors might need to produce proof of vaccination before their admission (and for this to be known by the system next time).
  • SiteSuper can easily support localized data-gathering requirements in most countries (eg: government contact-tracing apps, etc) so that it’s not necessary for people to check-in/check-out twice – it’s all automatic.
  • SiteSuper devices have been tested by rigorous scientific standards for temperature accuracy within 0.3-degrees to satisfy medical safety standards in most countries*.

Each SiteSuper installation comes with a management dashboard for real-time visibility of all SiteSuper devices on-site, and multiple-site operations can be managed by head office through the one master SiteSuper multi-site management portal.

SiteSuper with ANPR for vehicles and drivers

When trucks and cars are entering and leaving your site, the SiteSuper system with ANPR can recognize vehicle number plates automatically and log them with immediate visibility throughout the system.

Known number plates can be admitted to the site automatically if appropriate, and unrecognized number plates can be flagged for manual admittance.

At the same time, driver entry/exit compliance records can be taken care of automatically, in itself saving thousands of dollars per year at most sites with external traffic.

Pulse-developed technology used by other systems

Pulse was one of the first companies to develop AI-based visitor management technology for managing people in buildings and on sites in the post-COVID world (first released March 2020).

Today, this Pulse-developed technology is behind many other solutions sold by third parties including CoolGard, the leading system in Australia for visitor management at ultra-critical sites such as aged care, health care, disability care, and neighborhood center facilities.

Mining companies can be assured that the technology behind SiteSuper has been thoroughly field-proven and is widely rated as the best of its kind available in the world today.

Book your obligation-free demo of SiteSuper

Take 15-20 minutes for an on-site or online demo of SiteSuper from Pulse. Try it out for yourself with instant facial recognition, automated data collection, and real-time monitoring on the SiteSuper dashboard. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use and manage SiteSuper, as well as how quickly and cost-effectively you can automate the management of people coming and going from your site.

AI-based SiteSuper devices measure human body temperature more accurately by intelligent multi-point facial temperature mapping (not just one single point on the forehead like hand-held IR temperature guns). SiteSuper devices can be set to give an immediate audible and/or on-screen alert and/or automatic SMS and/or email to supervisors whenever an elevated body temperature is detected. In most countries of the world, SiteSuper can be used as a medical diagnostic device for the purpose of checking body temperature. In Australia only, however, any person suspected of having an elevated body temperature must be checked by a TGA-certified device before medical decisions are made.