Pulse rocks with Rose Tattoo guitar legend to attract stellar talent

Ash Bosworth, managing director and CEO of Pulse, rocked out with Aussie guitar legend and Rose Tattoo member, Dai Pritchard, on TV news to attract more exceptional recruits as Pulse growth continues.

The University of Newcastle ranks among the world’s best universities, yet many graduates look first towards Sydney and Melbourne for career opportunities. The NSW Government  announced funding to develop a new Innovation and Technology Precinct for inner Sydney. With virtualisation extending global reach, breakthrough technology companies can be located almost anywhere including post-industrial Newcastle, where Pulse has been headquartered for more than 30 years. Continual growth has called for innovation in the company’s approach to recruiting.

NBN News 21 August 2019 - Ash Bosworth (Pulse) with Dai Pritchard (Rose Tattoo)Locally focused recruitment promotion

Interviewed by the NBN reporter and producer, Sam Burbury, Ash Bosworth said, “When we advertise for positions, we really angle towards people that are born and bred in Newcastle.” It isn’t always possible for the firm to fill high-tech specialist roles from the local talent pool. The 50-plus current employees represent former residents of every Australian state and countries including the USA and UK, Iran, France, Lithuania, Slovakia, and New Zealand.

Newcastle resident Dai Pritchard, famous as a member of Rose Tattoo and the Dai Pritchard Band, was returning from a European tour with the ‘Tatts’ just as a licensing deal was being arranged for Pulse to feature one of his tracks on a new products video. Asked to help promote Pulse locally as a prospective employer, Dai arrived at Pulse HQ with the same guitar he’d used on his original recording to back Ash playing air guitar for NBN News. “It’s Newcastle and I’m Newcastle, so I thought yeah – I’d like to come onboard,” Dai said.

Suddenly no shortage in quality applicants

Soon after the segment was aired, there was a huge increase in the number of job applicants submitting resumes directly via the Pulse website. “Our HR department had an influx of applicants for advertised positions in the days following the TV segment, which might have been expected, but this was just the start. We’re still receiving CVs via our website almost every day,” Ash Bosworth said. “It’s a big change from before when we’d be advertising all over Australia to find people with superior skills and the can-do attitude that underpins our company culture. People in the Hunter region are now more aware of Pulse as a local employer offering big-city career potential for outstanding performers. We’re very grateful to Dai for helping out. Kudos to the local news coverage by NBN and its popularity with viewers in our area.”

Watch the full segment on the NBN website here.

A number of technology professionals with musical leanings are in the Pulse team including, from left to right: Hamish McLeod (drummer and percussionist, ex famous 90s band Hoopsnake, Jive Bombers, still playing, teaching, recording); Dai Pritchard (leader of the Dai Pritchard Band, member of Rose Tattoo 2007-present, brother-in-arms at Pulse); Ash Bosworth (air guitarist extraordinaire and blues aficionado); Jason Tyler (pianist and keyboard player, still gigging and recording); Steve Murray (guitarist in 1970s Newcastle rock band Aragon, still playing); and Melanie Williamson (accordionist and guitar player in The Bushwackers 1993-1998; guest with Graeme Connors, Tommy Emmanuel, Keith Urban, Lee Kernaghan, Ross Wilson, many others).

Dai Pritchard (lead guitar) backing Ash Bosworth on air guitar for the NBN News crew inside the Pulse offices at Thornton, near Newcastle.

Track credits:
“Killin’ Time”
Written by Dai Pritchard
Published by Happy As Larry Music Publishing Pty Ltd
Performed by Dai Pritchard
By kind permission of the Music Sales Group