Pulse global outreach continues: METS Ignited, Austmine, Austrade

Invited to share knowledge and insights as a ‘success story’ in the international marketing of Australian-developed mining business technology, Pulse Mining Systems contributed to the focus group ‘Building the Australian METS brand’ held in Newcastle on 18 February 2019.

Clare Sykes, General Manager, International, METS Ignited.

Australia has long been recognized as one of the world’s major producers of mined resources, yet it’s more recent that Australia’s reputation as a leader in mining equipment, technology, and related services (the METS sector) has emerged to gain a more competitive edge in world markets.

Companies like Newcastle-based Pulse Mining Systems are showing the way for other Australian companies in the METS sector to position themselves in the global marketplace and engage directly with potential customers in the global community, not just locally.

Australian mining operations are among the world’s most production-efficient, technologically-advanced, and strictly-regulated with regard to human safety and environmental protection. Other countries can look towards Australia for best-practice industry benchmarking and a wide range of best-in-class products and solutions for extracting almost any type of resource in any location.

Strengths across-the-board and in areas of extreme specialization

While the Pulse Mining ERP mining management system and Pulse Analytics BI dashboards suite will optimize the business of mining any kind of resources, by any method, at any scale, some companies in the Australian METS sector can export goods and services that are the most advanced in the world for resolving extremely specialised challenges in mining scenarios that closely mirror Australian conditions.

Kari Armitage, Quarry Mining Kari Armitage, Managing Director, Quarry Mining.

Kari Armitage, Managing Director of Quarry Mining, also invited to participate in the METS Ignited focus group, essentially said of her company’s export-market potential: “The products made by Quarry Mining could be of specific interest to coal mining operations in any region where combustible gas is present in the mining environment, as in Australia. Our products can help overcome some of the most serious and potentially deadly challenges in mining by delivering the very highest standards of safety.”

Digital economy democratizing Australia’s access to global customers

Of Pulse Mining Systems, Melanie Williamson, the inside strategist helping to grow Pulse’s global footprint, said: “While we’re here to contribute ideas for enhancing the global perceptions of the Australian METS sector as a brand, let’s not overlook more immediate channels in the digital economy where hit records, as such, can be made at home. The manager of a mine in Mexico or Africa can Google for the specific thing they need, compare the pricing, shipping, and reviews on each alternative, and make a purchasing decision without stepping off-site. It’s up to each business to make its products more visible in Google search. Pulse gets valid inbound inquiries from disparate locations all over the world every single week. If Pulse invests in physically traveling a long way to another country it’s usually to progress a prequalified opportunity, not necessarily in the near-random hope of generating early-stage leads. International trade shows, conferences, government lobby groups, and other costly exercises still have their place but global customers are more immediately accessible than back in the 1990s when exhibiting at international trade shows to spruik offerings was tantamount.”

Pulse leads by example and offers to support other companies in the Australian METS sector through knowledge-sharing. “By getting together in groups like this, other companies can learn directly from Pulse’s experience with presenting products and services to prospective customers in other countries,” Mel said. “Sometimes it just takes a change of mindset and more confident approach to unlock international potential.”

Trust is key – Australia benefits from enhancing its ‘no cowboys’ reputation

Marianne Cummings, Business Adviser, Austmine Marianne Cummings, Business Adviser, Austmine – Federal Government’s Entrepreneurs Programme (EP).

Discussing perceptions of Australian providers of services and solutions in the METS sector, where consultations in some other countries call for the Australian representative to engage an interpreter, the consensus was clear that Australians are known for having a ‘no cowboys’ approach to international business dealings and relationships. While factors such as distance and currency fluctuations are beyond the control of individual enterprises, it’s encouraging to Pulse, and specialist METS businesses like Quarry Mining, that Australian companies can be viewed as trusted partners with products and services that are globally superior in quality, performance, safety, security, reliability, and innovation.

METS Ignited, Austmine, and Austrade get behind METS-sector companies

The focus group on ‘Building the Australian METS brand’ was staged in Newcastle by METS Ignited and hosted by HunterNet with participation by Austmine and Austrade. Clare Sykes is the General Manager, International, at METS Ignited. Marianne Cummings, Business Adviser, Austmine, is involved with the Federal Government’s Entrepreneurs Programme (EP) and works with businesses exposed to the resources sector that are actively looking to either grow their business or significantly improve their current operations. Isaac Court is the National Manager for the Resources Industry at Austrade. Austrade can help fund efforts made by Australian METS-sector companies to increase Australia’s exports by growing international market share. HunterNet is a network of manufacturing, engineering and specialist service companies located in the Hunter and Central Coast regions of NSW.