New video launches Pulse fully integrated solutions 2019-2020

Pulse integrated solutions suite 2019-2020

With a hard-driving rock soundtrack by Rose Tattoo guitar legend, Dai Pritchard, Pulse launched the integrated mining business solutions suite for 2019-2020 with a 3:29 lightning-ride video for IMARC 2019 that’s now available for public viewing on YouTube.

The complete mining business management system for total business optimisation and digital transformation, presenting the full range of Pulse modules and tools in situational context within just a few minutes is quite a feat. Notwithstanding the breathtaking pace of images and information, it’s now possible to understand the Pulse suite and how it works at an overview level within just one sweep.

Pulse integrated solutions suite 2019-2020“We designed this new video not just for IMARC but to help existing Pulse customers understand all the tools and extensions now readily available to them. Larger mining companies can act like gatekeepers of information with employees, which is counterproductive on both sides. For example, we’ve had a situation where a Pulse user has gone out and purchased a separate piece of software without realising what they need is already included within their Pulse system, it just needs to be turned on, so they’ve inadvertently wasted their company’s time and money,” said Melanie Williamson, manager of marketing and relationships for Pulse and head of a team now working to raise awareness inside and outside of the Pulse global user community.

“Partnerships and collaborative relationships are also of growing importance to Pulse,” Ms Williamson said. “At IMARC this year we became closer to more industry bodies and several consultants who are interested in recommending Pulse to clients needing a fully-integrated, mining-specific business management system. This new video will help consultants to introduce Pulse to their clients and explain the full scope of available solutions in a more exciting and dynamic way.”

Soundtrack credits:
“Killin’ Time”
Written by Dai Pritchard
Published by Happy As Larry Music Publishing Pty Ltd
Performed by Dai Pritchard
By kind permission of the Music Sales Group