ccccPulse Mining Analytics

The ultimate mine management reporting system is Pulse Analytics

Pulse Analytics at Centennial Coal

Extracting more value from data that’s already available: machine sensors, software, apps, the ERP

Pulse Mining Analytics is the answer to the challenge presented by ‘big data’. Data can be captured from any sources to be analysed, visualised, and displayed in real-time. Decision-making by managers at all levels of the organisation is focused and empowered by meaningful insights like never before. Results are immediate and guaranteed to be astonishing.

Mining companies that use Pulse Analytics are reporting phenomenal improvements in productivity, profitability, and team performance.

More than 20 ready-to-go apps in the Pulse Analytics suite – world-class, low-cost, rapid implementation

Originally developed for mining and extensively field-tested in live mining operations, there are more than 20 BI dashboard views ready for easy configuration, and endless customised dashboards are available. Pulse Analytics costs little and implementation is rapid – your first BI dashboard usually goes live within 2 weeks. Ask for an obligation-free demonstration.

Pulse Analytics - Mining Production

BI dashboards for mining

  • Work Order Analytics
  • Underground Production Analytics
  • Gate Road Integration
  • Longwall Integration
  • Repair & Maintenance Spend Analysis
  • General Cost Analytics
  • Unit Cost Analytics
  • Production Analytics
  • Production Self-serve Analytics
  • Function Cost Analytics
  • Stores Inventory Analytics
  • Workplace Health & Safety Analytics
  • Machine Data Analytics
  • Finance Self-serve Analytics
  • Human Resources Analytics
  • Processing Analytics
  • Skills & Training Analytics
  • Sales & Marketing Analytics
  • Quality & Logistics Analytics
  • Asset Life Cycle Analytics
  • Accounts Receivable Analytics
  • Accounts Payable Analytics
  • Supplier Analytics

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