Integrated Planning and Budgeting proven game-changers for managers

Among the new product releases for the Pulse Mining ERP system in recent years – two tools, in particular, have proven to be major game-changers for managers using Pulse: integrated multi-departmental Budgeting, and integrated operational resources and project Planning.

Finance transformation with Pulse Budgeting

Mention ‘budgets’ and ‘forecasts’ to managers in mining and many will think ‘time’ and ‘effort’. Budgeting and forecasting requirements are not just a burden on the finance department but almost everywhere managers are required to submit their own budgets and forecasts. This was until Pulse took the pain out of budgeting and forecasting for everyone with Pulse Budgeting.

No more exporting figures into Microsoft Excel and back again with Pulse Budgeting because Microsoft Excel is natively embedded. Pull previous budgets and latest actuals from within Pulse Mining ERP into Microsoft Excel where they can be easily and safely manipulated. When approved and ready, new budgets and re-forecasts can be instantly made live and available throughout the ERP.

Friendly and secure for use by managers of different departments within the mining business, individual departmental budgets are easily prepared and revised at the frontline before being rolled up into the company’s master budget under the control of the CFO or finance department.

It only takes a few minutes to appreciate the time-saving convenience of Pulse Budgeting for users of the Pulse Financials module, so why not do yourself and your colleagues a favor by looking into it today?

Gantt-style visual control with Pulse Planning

Almost everything in mining is a ‘project’ to be planned, whether it’s who’s-doing-what-where-when-how in the coming days or weeks, or where-to-what-when-for-how-much in the next phase of mining operations. Some plans are made by individuals, others are made collaboratively between managers or teams. The function of planning is fundamental to practically every aspect of the mining business and an inestimable number of hours can be spent everywhere by people doing it.

Planning is a pleasure with Pulse Planning. It’s easily used by managers in any department for the efficient management of requirements and objectives (whether it’s the scheduled maintenance of some machinery next Tuesday or stage four of mine expansion in 2025) and the availability of resources considering dependencies and constraints (eg: parts being on-hand, essential staff on-duty, equipment available, compliance sorted, etc) to successfully satisfy the requirement or complete the objective.

It’s easy to change plans with Gantt-style drag-and-drop visual movability. Safeguards like on-screen alerts help managers to avoid assigning any task to be done at the ‘wrong’ time or without all necessary resources in place. Native integration with the entire Pulse Mining ERP system allows the extraordinary level of planning intelligence that no other planning solution can offer to managers in the mining industry.

Explore new modules and tools with a quick tour

Existing Pulse users are invited to explore Pulse Budgeting, Pulse Planning, and other new tools within Pulse. You can take the free guided tour on-site or online whenever it’s convenient – just contact Pulse Support to organize a time.