Business-agnostic analytics – what does it mean?

Business-agnostic analytics – what does it mean?

Pulse Analytics is a new business initiative from Pulse Mining Systems that provides ‘business agnostic’ analytics to all business verticals.

The success of Pulse Mining’s state-of-the-art mining industry visualisation and analytics product suite has led to the development of Pulse Analytics… which is now available for any business, operating in any industry.

High levels of customer satisfaction, and international recognition as one of the ‘25 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Providers’ by APAC CIO Outlook magazine has prompted Pulse to offer its analytics solutions more widely.

Several key factors differentiate Pulse Analytics from most analytics solutions… apart from enabling real-time reporting, accessibility from mobile devices and capacity to link to machine data and the Internet of Things (IoT), the solution framework is a full end-to-end solution encompassing inbuilt governance mechanisms, can utilise both structured and unstructured data from diverse sources and provides a wide range of interactive output options. However, the biggest differentiators are that apps developed using the framework are built around the clients’ particular KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), are built to facilitate decision making at the operational and tactical level (rather than only being executive-level dashboards), and a working prototype can be rapidly deployed to clients for user testing within a couple of weeks (rather than the months it normally takes to deliver bespoke software solutions).

The initial collection of approximately 20 targeted tactical analytic apps developed using the new Pulse Analytics framework were developed to help miners by providing insight into specific productivity bottlenecks and pain points and were based on mining industry specific KPI’s.

Pulse Mining Director, Ash Bosworth, who leads development of Pulse Analytics, underlines the point that the analytics framework is ‘business and industry agnostic’, saying that:

“The merging of IT and operational technology is perhaps the biggest opportunity for innovation and productivity improvement within any industry.”

This has been amply demonstrated in the success of deploying several of the mining-focused apps to miners in the Hunter Valley… for instance, one miner has reported productivity increases from using Pulse Mining’s Gate Road Analytics app with its Continuous Miners in the operating rate of 3.2%, and a 2.77% increase in tonnes produced… this translates to increased production worth approx. $2.5 million to $3 million per year for a single mine site.

Like most ‘overnight success stories’ Pulse Mining’s success has taken years of work behind the scenes. Pulse has been working closely with our clients (mostly mining companies) for over 30 years to meet their needs in terms of their operational and business data, and for approximately 20 years in providing analytics and visualisations of this data to help facilitate effective business decision making.