“Bringing digital to life” (Pulse Analytics) Deloitte’s #1 mining trend

Big data in mining

Data – and the ability to organise, manage, and process it – is rapidly becoming a competitive differentiator in the mining industry according to Deloitte’s Tracking the Trends report. Pulse Analytics is the means by which companies can finally extract real value from ‘big data’.

Deloitte Tracking the Trends 2018

‘Tracking the Trends’ by Deloitte is in its 10th year of production in 2018

With larger mining operations using more than 300 apps to monitor machine sensors and environmental sensors, numerous spreadsheets and software systems to handle things here and there, as well as an ERP with its massive store of business information and reporting capabilities – the challenge presented to mine managers by ‘big data’ was how to get real value from it without an impossible amount of time and effort.

Bringing digital to life with Pulse Analytics

Centennial Coal was one of the first mining companies in the world to pursue a technological solution for what might have been a very costly problem. Pulse responded with the development of Pulse Analytics, fully tested with Centennial before being released as a world-class, low-cost, rapidly-implemented BI dashboard suite of more than 20 ready-to-configure tools, many of these totally specific to mining.

Deloitte’s Tracking the Trends 2018 included a redacted example of a mining company benefitting from end-to-end visualisations in near-realtime, permanently displayed on TV screens as with Centennial Coal.

See how Centennial Coal brings digital to life with Pulse Analytics