With over 30 years’ experience developing technology for the mining industry, Pulse has become the true specialist in mine management systems

Here at Pulse, we are all about mining so we understand what the mining business needs. We offer the Pulse ERP mine management system – the mining focused, mining-friendly Enterprise Resource Planning solution developed by people who know and care about the mining industry.

Our company philosophy is to improve, enhance, and develop our software and services in collaboration with our customers and partners. This means that users of the Pulse ERP don’t need to change to suit the system – the system evolves to suit you.

Our people take pride in the ability to offer a high level of customer service and support. We respond quickly and effectively to your needs and ideas, bringing all of our experience to develop new and innovative solutions to positively impact your bottom line. This is our mission.

Pulse has an in-house team of more than 50 senior developers, business analysts, technical support specialists, and customer service representatives, led by four heads of department.

Innovation with Pulse Analytics

The breakthough business analytics solution, Pulse Analytics, was initially developed to assist users of the Pulse Mining ERP to get more value out of data from business software, machine sensors, and apps through data analysis and visualisation.

Today, Pulse Analytics is readily adopted by the mining industry, with more than 20 pre-configured BI dashboards already in the range, and is suitable for assisting managers in a wide variety of process-driven industries such as manufacturing, power generation, and major project development.

Companies using Pulse Mining Analytics typically experience the positive transformation of business performance and greatly improved organisational culture. Real-time dashboard visualisation of KPIs enables managers to make more informed decisions, more rapidly. Organisations are made more productive, and more profitable.

Business analytics is an exciting new frontier and Pulse continues to lead in finding and developing ways for companies to benefit from ‘big data’, the IoT, machine learning, and predictive analytics.